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WeWork hired our design team to create and pilot an application that could support their internal sales team in showcasing a myriad of available services and offerings to prospective clients onsite. In other words, to design an exceptional and educational first impression that communicates the perfect office space solution for members of various industries and business sizes.

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A client side product team had conducted tons of research related exercises before our team broke ground. These exercises included indetification of user personas, and journey mapping to describe the sales experience for both sales team representatives and prospective clientele. Our design team first worked to learn / evaluate / consider this data - which we used to further our understanding of the design challenge at hand and later to inform design decision making. One interesting aspect to the research provided was the correlation between the physical journey map and the generalized audible sales script.

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Definition & Prioritization

The long-term vision for this product is robust, divergent from the short term goal of creating a prototype to pilot test with the sales team. The client provided us with tons of content from beautiful location photography, to three dimensional interactive tours and brilliant client case studies to be included. Our team worked to define an MVP product that could support the sales team on the ground, deprioritizing features that were unecessary to include within our prototype.


Rapid Prototyping

Our team designed a prototype that enabled users to access the following flow. A lightweight Sign In flow which then grants users access to settings and more importantly a search and discovery experience that provides users the ability to search and view details from the specific property of their choosing. A user may opt to view associated case studies, engage with a 3D Tour experience, and explore a map that provides contextual information about the property's location. 

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Search and discovery of various properties. One may select and view the details of a given property.

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The cover of a property specific landing page which acts as a gateway to all location specific content.

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Location specific details are provided across the landing screen state. Restating the company's core values.


Diary Study

Once our coded prototype was created, our product lead conducted a diary study. The study aimed to gather feedback from sales team members as they use our prototype in the field. Ultimately, the learnings gained from this diary study will inform future product improvements.


Aesthetically beautiful final screens, took backstage to the brilliant research and diary study conducted by our product lead who worked tirelessly to invest in understanding the experience of both sales reps and prospective clientele. The method our team employed to rapidly prototype and conduct a diary studyproved to be a meaningful approach which yielded true understanding of the problem space. This was an experience that I will surely carry forward in memory and practice.


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