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One of Turner's internal product teams hired the Philosophie design team to assist in creating and facillitating a user-centric creative workshop. The objective of the workshop was to uncover / identify progressive future feature sets. Said feature sets were ultimately to be considered for inclusion within a new streaming service the Turner group intended to create. Our design team worked with client stakeholders to design a creative workshop which we conducted in cooperation with large panels of everyday users in three major U.S. cities. I lead the design team who advised on the activities included within the three sessions, and created a unique card sorting exercise which became the center piece of the three workshop events.


Planning & Process

The design team created a unique creative card-sort exercise which we thought best to inspire creative ideation among panels of everyday users. The team generated a wide array of flash cards that addressed a variety of territories pertaining to Tunrer's future business model. These conceptual territories included Content Discovery, Flexibility Of Use, Curation Of Content, Enhanced Social Features, Inclusion Of Bonus / Ancillary Content, Commerce Related Features, In-App Advertising Experiences, and Pay Structure / Membership Models. These cards were then distributed to our panel of users and became the many prompts for time boxed ideation sprints. At the end of each three workshops the team gathered our user generated concepts and created prototypes which visually articulate the conceptual user flows for which our panel expressed their greatest interest.


Story One

What if user's were able to curate their own recommendations?

The first conceptual feature set our panel of users most adamantly expressed interest in was the ability to curate their own recommendations. Across the three workshops we conducted, our user participants expressed interest in this concept again and again. The concept is to allow users to approve / disapprove recommendations and through machine learning future reccomendations are improved.

Group 10
Group 8
Group 7
Group 5

Story Two

What if users had the ability to search for all their streaming content in one place?

The second conceptual feature our team set out to prototype was 'Universal Search'. Our panel of workshop participants continued harping on about their frustration with their inability to search for ALL content across ALL streaming applications inside a single streaming app. One app to rule them all.

Group 22
Group 19
Group 20
Group 23

Story Three

What if users could view comments and comment on their shows and movies?

The third prototype my team created, addressed the panel's deep interest in the inclusion of social commenting and live group chatting. We explored ways these features might be included within a streaming service application. We created flows which address how comments are added and resolve throughout.

Group 27
Group 25
Group 26
Group 28


In general, throughout my many years of product design experience - barring initial phases of research that may be conducted to better understand a given design challenge, users are rarely consulted in this way until a prototype is placed in front of them. I found this to be an interesting approach to identifying desireable features. However, when I consider my own experience(s) with streaming video services - I understand and appreciate that these applications are not littered with ancilliary non-central features for good reason. In the future I'd like to employ this workshop methodology again.


Andrew Zellinger,  Joseph Ehler, Ryan Strauss


Emerson Taymor, Chris Butler

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